About Theresa



I am a natural light photographer with a passion for all things photography.  My love for photography has been brewing inside of me since I was a little girl, I have old photo albums full of candid shots with little captions and doodles under them.  I don’t remember what kind of camera I used or really anything about the film I tried, but I do remember that feeling I got when I took a photograph and the excitement of opening that envelope full of my developed prints from the drugstore.

I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve been blessed with that have built me up with the courage to follow my dreams … photography is a dream come true for me… it fills a part of me that I don’t think anything else could fill, deep down in my soul.  My heart swells with fulfillment when I am behind my camera… capturing fleeting moments of time in this big journey of life.

I would describe my photography style as natural, candid, story-telling, lifestyle.  I am NOT about perfect poses, props, and unnatural emotion.

I am a mama to 2 giggly and gorgeous little girls.  They make my heart feel so complete.  I cannot imagine life without my little loves.

I find such beauty in the ordinary.  I love simple, rustic, antique, anything with a story.